Founder & President, Technology Education Institute


Garland T. McCoyMr. McCoy founded the Technology Education Institute in 2011 to provide background knowledge necessary for choosing appropriate congressional and regulatory policy toward technology-based industry.

TEI’s audience is anyone who is interested, but its focus is on members of Congress and their staffs, personnel of regulatory and executive branch agencies, state legislators and their staffs, and the trade press.

Previously, as Founder and Chief Development Officer of the Technology Policy Institute (TPI), Mr. McCoy was responsible for raising a multimillion dollar budget and developing and executing projects at both the state, national, and international levels. Mr. McCoy continued the annual Aspen Summits (renamed Aspen Forum) at TPI that he previously developed during his 13 years as Senior VP for Development at the Progress and Freedom Foundation (PFF). Prior to PFF, he served as Vice President of Development for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) where he raised tens of millions of dollars to support State legislative chapters in all 50 states and launched ALEC’s Education Report Card and Crime Report Card campaigns nationwide.

Earlier in his career, Mr. McCoy served as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Education William Bennett where he implemented the “Troops to Teachers” Second Careers in Education Program for Transitioning Active Duty Personnel and successfully implemented emergency teacher certification legislation in over 20 states. Prior to that, he was Founder and Senior Consultant of the Non-Commissioned Officer’s Association’s National Defense Foundation and executed the Active Duty and Overseas voter registration GO-TV programs. Mr. McCoy has also served as Director, Military/Veterans Liaison to the Republican National Committee and was Legislative Assistant to Congressman Jim Jeffries. While on the Hill he was one of the founders of the Congressional Space Caucus. He also was Staff Assistant to the Secretary of the Army and Director of Correspondence at The White House.

Mr. McCoy received his BA in English literature from Randolph-Macon College and completed MBA requirements (39 hours) at Virginia Commonwealth University.


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